UP1-PROG-27-MIX504-116 - M2 Ind. S2I-Systèmes d'Information et Innovation_FI-FA-CP

Course name

Ingénierie de lignes de produits logiciels et gestion de la variabilité


Dr. Raúl MAZO

Associate professor

Pedagogical objectives and presentation of the course

Following this course, the students will understand the concept of Software Product Line Engineering as a new production paradigm which helps to create software factories by industrialising software production.

The students will also learn why the applications of Software Product Line Engineering techniques in the software industry are convincing and promising. In this course, students will learn why and how to implement a software product line. 

We will also discuss some trends and remaining challenges in this field of software engineering.

The content of this course is summarised as follows

1. Introduction to software product line engineering and variability management

2. Preliminary analysis of a software product line project (scoping)

3. Domain engineering

   Requirement engineering of a domain

   Product line modeling

   Implementation and test of reusable domain components

   Transformation of product line models

   Reasoning on product line models

4. Configuration 

   Different types of configuration

   Interactive and guided configuration 

5. Application engineering

   From a configuration to a product definition

   Product derivation and assembling


100 % final written and individual examination

Some references

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