Archive année 2018-2019 Smart City Training - Guangzhou

This unique Executive Program, designed by Chaire ETI Sorbonne Business School and Metropolis, will allow you to develop your skills, attitude and professional network to effectively communicate and quickly get convincing results in the area of Smart City Management : Study cases and Best practices from the Guangzhou Award CEMGA.


The world changes. The convergence of an urbanized world with hyper connectivity came to upset both way of life and style of entrepreneurship in our territories.
Places of life and sharing where a variety of needs and societal uses intersect, thus no component is escaping this transformation. The revolutions are many and they question us in depth: technological transfers (digital and its implications), the ecological challenge (climate change and sustainable development), new urban lives(smart cities, smart citizens), cultural and social issues (Z generation, silver economy), new business models and governance

In this world in transition, complex and interdependent, we have to rethink the links between economy, territory and society. All the actors have to reposition and develop new capacities of adaptation and learning. Cities have to tackle these issues, in order to design smart, but also living places in which citizens will be empowered.

The program will enable the participants to:

- Address the issues of Smart Cities in global context,

Learn the methodological approaches to design Smart Cities

Master human management and interactions for liveable cities, 

Case studies from the Guangzhou Award CEMGA will be the source of the learning journey.


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Nom Archive année 2018-2019 Smart City Training - Guangzhou
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