UP1-PROG-02-MRB505-119 - Master 2 Recherche Development economics

Plan of the presentation

This second part of the class continues the classes you had with Marie Boltz, and we are going to emphasize complementary aspects. The class is divided into three sessions

Session 1: The consistency of environmental policies from what regards the millennium goals: is fighting against pollution compatible with the economic development and catching up?

To address this issue, the Kuznet’s curve, telling that the relationships between pollution and growth is inversely U-shaped, pollution increases with economic growth and then the reverse. Some millennium goals go hand in hand: growth and access to infrastructure, education, gender parity. Others are at odd, like pollution and economic development. 

Session 2: Specific topics

One particular issue is migration climate-induced migration, which has raised considerable attention in recent decades. 

Session 3: about policies to cope with climate-induced problems

  1. Limit population growth
  2. Is the Kyoto protocol efficient? 
  3. Chinese environmental policies


Findings in economics are rarely unique and do not deliver an unique answer to a given problem.  

The importance of methodologies used: counterfactual analysis versus diff and diff. 

Meta analysis is a nice way of summarize the literature, "computing" a consensual view on a given topics. 

We start with a report which has been edited several times and which deserves to be mentioned. Limits to growth 

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