UP1-PROG-27-MIX507-116 - M2I Information Knowledge Systems Engineering & M_FI-FA-CP

Following this course, the students will understand how to define, design, simulate and implement systems that can be adapted by configuration (e.g., ERP systems) and systems that can adapt themselves to the ever-changing context conditions.

Some of the systems that need to adapt themselves to optimally manage the resources are, for instance, irrigation, telecommunication (networks and communication devises like sensors and smartphones), banking, aerospace, hospital systems.

We will also discuss some trends and remaining challenges in this field of software systems.

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Nom Archive année 2017-2018 M2I Information Knowledge Systems Engineering & M_FI-FA-CP - Configurable and self-adaptive systems
Nom abrégé UP1-PROG-27-MIX507-116-06 - Configurable and self-adaptive systems
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