The course on Research Methods provides a practical insight into how to design and conduct your research project. At the end of this lecture, you should :

- Know the theoretical and philosophical foundations of science;

- Be able to specify a research question, with sub-questions and hypotheses;

- Design a research protocol and implement it;

- Analyse your research data and report your results in a thesis or a paper;

- Communicate research results;

- Evaluate research from other scientists.

Complément intitulé: Cours de Mr Salinesi
Nom normé: X5I41516 - Méthodes de recherche - Cours magistral;X5I71516 - Research Methods - Cours magistral
Nom abrégé normé: X5I41516 - Cours magistral;X5I71516 - Cours magistral
Chemin ROF: /27
Chemin ROFid: /27/UP1-PROG-27-MIX504-119/UP1-PROG-ELP-X5I4S319/UP1-C-ELP-X5MI4119/UP1-C-ELP-X5I41516;/27/UP1-PROG-27-MIX507-119/UP1-PROG-ELP-X5I7S319/UP1-C-ELP-X5MI7116/UP1-C-ELP-X5I71516
Code Apogée: X5I41516;X5I71516
RofId: UP1-C-ELP-X5I41516;UP1-C-ELP-X5I71516
Nom ROF: Méthodes de recherche;Research Methods
Composante: UFR 27 : Mathématiques et informatique;UFR 27 : Mathématiques et informatique
Semestre: 3;3
Niveau: M2;M2
Niveau LMDA: Masters;Masters
Niveau année: 5;5
Composition: Cours magistral;Cours magistral
Catégories de cours supplémentaires rattachements ROF: 1006
Diplôme: M2 Ind. S2I-Systèmes d'Information et Innovation_FI-FA-CP;M2I Information Knowledge Systems Engineering & M_FI-FA-CP
Domaine ROF: [Informatique] Informatique;[Informatique] Informatique
Type ROF: [M2] ;[M2]
Nature ROF: [5] BAC+5;[5] BAC+5
Cycle ROF: [2] ;[2]
Rythme ROF: [initiale,apprentis.,] initiale,apprentis.,;[initiale,apprentis.,] initiale,apprentis.,
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Spécialité: S2I-Systèmes d'Information et Innovation;IKSEM Information Knowledge Systems Engineering & Management_formation initiale, apprenti. et pro
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Date demande: Wednesday, 16 September 2020, 4:45 PM
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Date validation: Wednesday, 16 September 2020, 4:45 PM
Date fermeture: Friday, 31 January 2020, 12:00 AM
Générateur: Manuel via assistant (cas n°2 ROF)
Modèle: [13961][2019-2020] UP1-C-ELP-X5I41516-03 - Cours de Mr Salinesi
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