General Presentation

Health economics applies the tools of economics to issues of the organisation, delivery, and financing of health care.

The objectives of this course are to :
(1) develop an understanding of the relevance of economic concepts to the health care sector,
(2) to describe the system of health care financing and delivery arrangements in the health care sector,
and (3) to impart an understanding of the role of economic factors in the development of public policy concerninghealth and health care.

Students should have completed a course in principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics. The course intended for students with little or no previous knowledge in the field.
Complément intitulé: Health-Economics
Nom normé: B4031620 - Health Economics - Cours magistral
Nom abrégé normé: B4031620 - Cours magistral
Chemin ROF: /École d'économie de la Sorbonne/Master 1 Economie du développement/Semestre 2/UE2 Options/Health Economics
Chemin ROFid: /02/UP1-PROG-02-M1B403-119/UP1-PROG-ELP-B403S219/UP1-C-ELP-B4E03419/UP1-C-ELP-B4031620
Code Apogée: B4031620
RofId: UP1-C-ELP-B4031620
Nom ROF: Health Economics
Composante: École d'économie de la Sorbonne
Semestre: 2
Niveau: M1
Niveau LMDA: Masters
Niveau année: 4
Composition: Cours magistral
Diplôme: Master 1 Economie du développement
Domaine ROF: [Sciences économiques] Sciences économiques
Type ROF: [M1]
Nature ROF: [4] BAC+4
Cycle ROF: [2]
Rythme ROF: [Initiale] initiale
Langue: []
Mention: Economie du développement
Spécialité: Economie du développement
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Générateur: Manuel via assistant (cas n°2 ROF)
Modèle: [20284]UP1-PROG-02-U4B401-119-15 - Health-Economics