Industrial Economics: Competition Policy and Regulation, M1

Lorenzo CASSI and Carine STAROPOLI


The course intends to present the main competition policy (first part) and sectoral regulation topics (second part). The two parts are complementary since competition policy concerns usually ex-post intervention in order to re-establish competition condition while regulation intervenes ex-ante to introduce competition in formerly monopoly activities. The first part starts with a brief historical introduction to competition policy objectives and law and an extensive review of oligopoly theory. Then it intends to analyse collusion and mergers and their effect on welfare. The second part analyses the theoretical foundations of regulation based on market imperfections (natural monopolies, externalities and public goods and present the main theoretical approaches of the regulation contract (incentive theory, transaction cost economics)

Nom normé: B4020415 - Industrial Economics - Cours magistral
Nom abrégé normé: B4020415 - Cours magistral
Chemin ROF: /École d'économie de la Sorbonne/Master 1 Economie appliquée/semestre 2/UE2 Approche analytique et thématique/Industrial Economics
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Code Apogée: B4020415
RofId: UP1-C-ELP-B4020415
Nom ROF: Industrial Economics
Composante: École d'économie de la Sorbonne
Semestre: 2
Niveau: M1
Niveau LMDA: Masters
Niveau année: 4
Composition: Cours magistral
Diplôme: Master 1 Economie appliquée
Domaine ROF: [Sciences économiques] Sciences économiques
Type ROF: [M1]
Nature ROF: [4] BAC+4
Cycle ROF: [2]
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Mention: Economie appliquée
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