Topic outline

  • PART 1 (Hélène Latzer) - Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 - The world distribution of income, a millenial perspective

    Comparative development

    Evolution of the world distribution of income: some stylised facts

    Proximate and ultimate causes of growth

    The main development stages

    The Malthusian Epoch

    The Post-Malthusian Regime

    The Modern Growth Regime and the Demographic Transition

    A unified growth theory framework

    The Model

    Ultimate causes of growth

    Special focus: trade and the great divergence, the family connection

  • PART 1 (Hélène Latzer) - CHAPTER 2

    Chapter 2 - (within country) distribution and growth, a two-way relationship

    Social justice and long-run growth: from the classical to the modern theory

    The impact of inequality on growth: several possible channels

    The political economy channel

    The credit access/human capital formation channel

    The aggregate demand and the product market channel