Topic outline

  • Section 1: Brain Drain

  • Section 2: Diaspora externalities

    That second section will be fully based on online material, with three different supports for the same series of lectures on "diaspora externalities": a video, the full set of slides, and a published article.

    Here is a link to the plenary lecture I gave at a UNU-WIDER conference in Accra in October 2017 on "diaspora externalities":

    The corresponding article, published in 2019 in the IZA Journal of Development and Migration, can be freely accessed here:

    The corresponding (updated) slides are posted below with the title "diaspora externalities". A more detailed presentation of three of the main papers that structure the lecture are also posted below, with papers on Vietnam (migration networks and trade), Yugoslavia (migration and knowledge diffusion) and Moldova (political remittances). Note that the last part of the lecture and article, which deals with "cultural convergence", is not part of the program as it has been taught in semester 1 as part of "development theory".