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    This course is concerned with critical approaches to political science, with a particular focus on four of them, namely Marxism (both ‘classical’ and ‘post-Marxist’), anarchism, feminism/gender studies, and post-colonial studies. The first aim of this course is to give an insight of each of these critical theories by highlighting their major key-concepts. The second purpose is to show how these critical theories translate into critical approaches to political science. In sum, without pretending to any form of exhaustivity, these lectures shed light on how critical theoretical paradigms and notions have nourished political science and set new research agendas.

    On Fridays, 8-9:30am

  • Section 1 - Introduction

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    (But please, come to the class if you can!) 

  • Section 2 - Karl Marx

    Please read the first part of the Communist Manifesto, from p. 30 to p. 46.

    ... Unless it gets too exciting and you want to know how it ends and whether the proletarians lived happily ever after, in which case you can also also read the second and third part of the Manifesto. 


    ... As you will realise, I made a mistake with the recording of the lecture: the final part is missing, for which I apologise. Hopefully, the Powerpoint should give you the main theoretical elements. Please drop me an email if anything remains unclear. And once again: my most sincere apologies about that! 

  • Section 3 - Antonio Gramsci

    Please read from p. 24 to p. 35.

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  • Section 4 - A Marxist research agenda

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  • Section 5 - Is There an Anarchist Theory?

    Please read Graeber's text pp. 1-12. 

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  • Section 6 - An Anarchist Approach, James C. Scott

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    As you will see, the beginning of the lecture is missing: I was (unsuccessfully) struggling with my laptop to have the slides on screen and I forgot to start the recording in due time. My most sincere apologies, and thanks a lot to the students who reminded that I had to record the lecture! 

  • Section 7 - A Postcolonial Approach

    Please read Edward Said's text pp.1-9.

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  • Section 8 - Postcolonial Research Agendas

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  • Section 9 - Is Feminism still a critical approach?

    Please read Feminism for the 99%, pp. 1-6 and 10-13.

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  • Session 10 - Feminist Research Agendas

    Please read p. 1-13

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