Europe, transnational mobilisations and civil society

Europe, transnational mobilisations and civil society

by Behr Valentin -
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Dear students,

I hope this email finds you well.

the course "Europe, transnational mobilisations and civil society" will start next Tuesday, 30 January. I have created a virtual space on which you will find the readings for each one of our meetings. I will keep uploading content in the following days. For our first meeting next week, I ask you to read the Preface and the Introduction to the book Contentious Politics, by Tilly and Tarrow. Please take notes and write down your questions and comments, as we will take some time to discuss this text.

Please note that this course will be divided into 8 sessions of 3 hours each, which means that we won't meet every week. For instance, the second session is planned for Tuesday 13 February (we don't meet on 6 February).

I shall present the course, the outline and the rules of the game when we meet next Tuesday. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to reach me by email, in case of need.

Best wishes,

Valentin Behr