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This web page provides material which accompanies my course on "terminologie économique anglaise". Students can access material in pdf format, to be downloaded for each class. Each week we will examine an area of economics, working on the relevant material. We will also look at specific economic issues. Some of these will relate to questions in the news, others to various economic probles or to the subject of the class.

This material will be updated over the weeks ahead. It is therefore better if you do not download all the material now (at the start of the year).

Nicholas Sowels
24 August 2016

The course content is as follows:

1. Pre-industrial society
2. Classical economics
3. Microeconomics
4. Macroeconomics
5. Money and monetary policy
6. Finance and financial markets
7. Foreign trade and international economic institutions (IMF, WB, WTO)
8. European economic integration
9. Environmental economics
10. Development economics
11. Poverty and inequaltiy
12. Welfare economics and labour markets

Course archive: Numbers and Statistics

The exam is structured as follows:

Part I: 20 comprehension questions on two or three short texts/articles.
Part II: 20  true/false questions relating to the issues presented during the course.
Part III: 40 multiple choice questions on the terminology examined in class.
You may consult the exam paper for June 2014 here:

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