B3012115 - Economic History - Cours magistral

The lecture in Economic History follows a macroeconomic and quantitative approach in order to answer the following questions:


·        What determinants of growth can be identified in economic history?

·        Do growth determinants differ between regions and over time?

·        Can growth be exported? Why do development levels still differ between countries today? What are barriers to growth?

·        Is growth beneficial for all in the short run? Does growth bring convergence or divergence in the middle and long run? How is growth linked to income distribution?

·        What role does the economic integration play for growth perspectives of certain countries?

·        What is the role of public and other institutions for enhancing growth?

·        Does historical evidence confirm the growth theories?

·        What role do demographic dynamics play for economic growth?


Answers to these questions are found by analyzing important events in international economic history (from 1800 to today) that are characterized by exceptional economic growth and economic crises. Besides, particular attention is paid to the role of demographic dynamics and women’s economic empowerment for economic progress.


  • 1 exam at the end of the semester: Multiple choice (QCM)
  • Possibility to increase the exam grade by 1-2 points by presenting a scientific article during class (English article, presentation in English, max. 2 students per article/presentation)


The online material (ppt slides in French) are only complementary to the lecture. The material relevant for the exam is given during the lectures. The scientific readings will be presented during class and are also relevant for the exam. A regular participation in class is therefore necessary in order to accomplish the exam. 

Le matériel du cours mis en ligne n'est qu'un appui complémentaire ! Pour réussir le partiel, une participation régulière au cours est indispensable !

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