F101L214 - Anglais - Travaux Dirigés

Dear students,

Since we can not work in class anymore, I do count on your perseverance and regular work.

For the class planned for 25th March, I would recommend to go through chapters 5 and 6 one more time. Please, have a particular look at describing graphs (end of Chapter 6).

Some articles have been added on EPI (about corona virus), I would recommend you to read them.

For the moment, all oral presentations have been interrupted, we will see later on how to solve this problem.

And finally, concerning the mid-term test, it will take place next week. You will receive relevant information in time.

Take care, stay home and be safe.

Maja Cioni

Informations sur l'espace de cours

Nom Archive année [2019-2020] Anglais - English class, 17 rue Tolbiac, Paris 13
Nom abrégé [2019-2020] UP1-C-ELP-F101L214-07 - English class, 17 rue Tolbiac, Paris 13
Groupes utilisateurs inscrits Consultation des ressources, participation aux activités :
  • [2019] Groupe pédagogique : Anglais - 1612 (groups-gpelp.37624-2019)
  • [2019] Groupe pédagogique : Anglais - 1613 (groups-gpelp.37625-2019)
  • [2019] Groupe pédagogique : Anglais - G3 GEST-DR (groups-gpelp.37641-2019)
Consultation des ressources uniquement : No enrolled cohort.

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