X4012216 - Microeconomics 2 (Mathematical game theory) - Travaux Dirigés

On this EPI you will find the exercice list and a booklet of notes. The booklet covers many topics in greater depth than in the lectures and can be used as a reference and for further study. Additional course  material may be added here throughout the semester.

Informations sur l'espace de cours

Nom Microeconomics 2 (Mathematical game theory)
Nom abrégé UP1-C-ELP-X4012216-03
EnseignantsTanimura Emily
Groupes utilisateurs inscrits Consultation des ressources, participation aux activités :
  • [2022] 27ER - ERASMUS Mathématiques (diploma-27ER-2022)
  • [2022] M1X401 - Master 1 Mathématiques appliquées à l'économie et à la finance (MAEF) (diploma-M1X401-2022)
  • [2022] M1X404 - Master 1 International Master in Mathematics Applied to Economics & Finance (IMMAEF) (diploma-M1X404-2022)
Consultation des ressources uniquement : aucune cohorte inscrite.

Rattachements à l'offre de formation

Élément pédagogique UP1-C-ELP-X4012216 - Microeconomics 2 (Mathematical game theory)
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