Archive année 2020-2021 English TD Thursday Lourcine TD81 ANG4A181

Fall 2020 – N4 – T. Crothers

The class will focus on the English language and contemporary civilization aspects from the English-speaking world.


· Improve your English language skills

· Have as much English-speaking practice as possible

· Discover and debate recent developments in the English-speaking world


1. Presentation (30%)

Every class, two groups of two students will do a presentation (on a topic of their choice, related to recent developments in the English-speaking world or given by the teacher). The presentations have to include a PowerPoint (or other presentation software format) Presentations will last for 10 minutes and be followed by a discussion/debate. The video “how to avoid death by PowerPoint” (YouTube) will help you design a strong PowerPoint presentation.Your role is to lead the debate, so prepare some questions you can ask your classmates.

2. Quizzes (15% each)

Two quizzes will be held in class (the first one will -tentatively- be held in class 3 and the second one in class 7) about the themes covered during the previous lessons. They can include vocabulary, writing, text comprehension…

3. Partiel (40%)

The last lesson of the term (December 17th) will be a partiel

Themes covered in class this term:

I. Childhood: talk about adapting to different cultures, talk about memory, talk about a personal memory, evoke the feelings and moods of a past event. Target activity: Describe a childhood memory

II. Self: talk about personality traits, talk about identity, understand promotional language, say how you met someone, use effective introduction strategies. Target activity: Promote yourself

III. Language and literature: describe a book, give a personal response, talk about languages and ways to learn them, describe experiences of language learning, discuss plans and priorities. Target activity: A plan to improve your English

Working methods:

· We will do language tasks individually, in pairs or in groups. In pair work, students are expected to work autonomously and seriously on all tasks. Be supportive of other student’s English ability. Your role as students is to help each other and reach the solution together.

· Students are expected to speak English at all times in class to the teacher and to other students. This class is speaking intensive.

· Students are expected to keep the documents given to them and bring them back each class. Notes are best kept in a notebook so you can find your previous work easily.

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