B5R50319 - Development theory : Macroeconomics and Historical perspect -

This course features topics in development economics where theoretical modelling and empirical analysis combine to deliver deeper analysis on a growth and development question. At a theoretical level we will convey the intuition of the mechanisms at work using simple economic models. At the empirical level we will discuss the results from selected studies. The first part of the course will focus mostly on political economy questions, as well as on international migration and growth/development economics. And the second part of the course examines competing hypotheses on the role of geography, institutions, and culture for long-term economic growth and cross-country differences in economic outcomes.


The course is organized around a series of lectures with required readings (marked **). Students must prepare for the class by reading the required articles ahead of the class. See the syllabus for details.

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Nom Archive année 2021-2022Development theory : Macroeconomics and Historical perspect
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Élément pédagogique UP1-C-ELP-B5R50319 - Development theory : Macroeconomics and Historical perspect
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