Rethinking Administrative and Statistical Categories of Migration

This conference aims to delve into the intricate landscape of human mobility, critically scrutinizing commonly employed terms such as "migration," "refugee," "labor migration," and "family reunification." We contend that these terms primarily serve as labels and administrative constructs for governmental purposes, often diverging from scientifically rigorous concepts, particularly within the realm of demography. Our primary objective is twofold. Firstly, we invite participants to question and deconstruct these prevalent terms, highlighting their inherent limitations as administrative categories that may not align seamlessly with demographical principles. Specifically, we challenge the recent emic migrant definition, asserting that it limits the broader and more comprehensive concept of international permanent migration. We propose the term ‘lifelong international permanent migration’ as a more accurate representation, aligning with what statistical offices are capable of measuring. Building upon this refined conceptualization, we will then present a comprehensive examination of the net number of migrant flows using classic indirect estimation techniques. Leveraging the UN World Population Prospects database, we will demonstrate a practical application of these methodologies to better understand and quantify migration patterns. Furthermore, our presentation introduces a novel tool, the UN Migration Bilateral Database, designed to standardize the measurement of the stock of lifelong international migrants. Through a practical exercise utilizing this innovative database, we will showcase its efficacy in mapping diasporas, offering a valuable resource for participants. For a better comprehension, ideally, participants will need computers with Excel software or any other statistical software

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Nom Rethinking Administrative and Statistical Categories of Migration
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