U3021419 - Bases théoriques du Yield Management - Travaux Dirigés

The course aims at helping participants to understand the rational of RM and apply the strategy in everyday operations. Useful for students and junior managers, this is the first and second part of a learning program following a three-level structure

Basics of RM: The participants will be able to forecast booking activity and discover the dynamic pricing and revenue management strategy used in hospitality and tourism. This level is to be considered as strong general prerequisite for revenue managers but not leaders.

Core Business of RM: Learning the cores of RM and its practices, the participants will be able to analyze RM strategy of any tourism business. The course presents how to control demand and set price, through booking limit and bid pricing.

Informations sur l'espace de cours

Nom Bases théoriques du Yield Management
Nom abrégé UP1-C-ELP-U3021419-04
EnseignantsChapuis Jean-Michel
Groupes utilisateurs inscrits Consultation des ressources, participation aux activités :
  • [2023] IREST - Matière (S2) : Bases théoriques du Yield Management (groups-matiU3021419-2023)
Consultation des ressources uniquement : aucune cohorte inscrite.

Rattachements à l'offre de formation

Élément pédagogique UP1-C-ELP-U3021419 - Bases théoriques du Yield Management
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