Topic outline

  • Teachers: Elena del Mercato & Jean Marc Bonnisseau

    Class: every Monday, from September 11 to December 18, 2023, at PSE Campus Jourdan, 48 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris.


    The class on Monday December 11 will be from 11h15 to 12h45 at Maison des sciences économiques 106 boulevard de l'Hopital

    Room S/2

    - on the First Part "General Equilibrium & Externalities" E. del Mercato: Monday, November 20 from 9:15 to 10:45 - PSE Campus, Room R1-15
    - on the Second Part "General Equilibrium & Financial Markets" J.-M. Bonisseau: Wednesday, December 20 from 9:30 to 11:00 - PSE Campus, Room R1-13

    The detailed schedule of all the CLASSES (times and rooms) is attached below.

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    Course in English - First Semester 2023/2024

    General Presentation

    The general equilibrium theory studies the interactions among heterogeneous agents on commodity and financial markets. The course begins with an outline of the main properties of a competitive equilibrium in the classical Arrow-Debreu model (existence, efficiency, local uniqueness). The course then focuses on advanced questions arising from market imperfections and financial markets, such as externalities, increasing returns to scale and incomplete financial markets.

    Key words: equilibrium, competition, market imperfections: externalities, financial markets.

    The course consists of two parts: "General equilibrium and Externalities" and "General equilibrium and Financial Markets".

    Part on "General equilibrium and Externalities"- Elena del Mercato

    Duration: 18 hours, from Monday, September 11 to Monday, November 6, 2023.

    Mode of evaluation: attendance, homeworks & presentation of selected research articles and written exam.


    - An overview of general equilibrium theory; main results.

    - Competitive equilibrium with externalities; basic results.

    - Externalities and market failure; perfect internalization, Pareto improving policies.

    - Externalities in production economies; increasing returns to scale; marginal pricing rule.

    Part on "General equilibrium and Financial Markets"- Jean-Marc Bonnisseau

    Duration: 18 hours, from Monday, November 6 to Monday, December 18, 2023.

    Mode of evaluation: attendance, homeworks & presentation of selected research articles and/or written exam.


    - The two period economy with uncertainty; risk aversion

    - Arrow securities, financial markets ; real, nominal and numeraire assets

    - Absence of arbitrage opportunities, existence of present value vector, uniqueness, risk neutral probability

    - Completeness of the financial structure

    - Existence of a financial equilibrium for nominal and numeraire asset; generic existence for real assets

    - Behaviour of the firms and incomplete markets

    Fundamentals: Chapter 3 Classical Demand Thoery, pages 40-57, in MWG

    MWG reads "Mas-Colell, A., Whinston, M.D., and Green, J.R., Microeconomic Theory. Oxford University Press (1995)".

  • Part II: Financial markets


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