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Welcome + Information

Welcome + Information

by Selzner Cyril -
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Dear students of TD groups 1606, 1626, and 1628,

       this is just a reminder that we will meet later today for the first time.

     Would you please check that you've got access to both the general EPI for English (Ms Rajapakse) and the specific EPI for the course called Anglais L1 S1 M. Selzner TD 1606 / 1626 / 1628. I would be grateful if you did.

  You will find two documents to read on the EPI (in French) concerning assessment and oral presentation (I suggest you read them as soon as possible) as well as the homework assignment for next week. 

See you later,

Best regards

  Your teacher this semester,

Cyril Selzner

Lecturer in British civilization and English for economics / Language Department / PHARE

University Pantheon-Sorbonne