Archive année 2022-2023 DU-FLE-SA-2022-2023

This space is intended to receive applications for the FLE-SA university diploma, which we will open in September 2022. This diploma is intended to teach French as a foreign language (FLE) at a beginner level (A1) to reach an A2/B1 level at the end of the year.  The DU FLE-SA is a bridging diploma that welcomes students in exile with refugee status.

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Nom Archive année 2022-2023 DU-FLE-SA-2022-2023
Nom abrégé DU-FLE-SA-2022-2023
Groupes utilisateurs inscrits Consultation des ressources, participation aux activités :
  • [2022] U1S003 - Certificat d'Université Français langue étrangère-urgence-Ukraine (FLE-2U) (diploma-U1S003-2022)
Consultation des ressources uniquement : aucune cohorte inscrite.

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