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The course is organized in two parts and held entirely in English. In 12 Lectures, the course will cover both theoretical and empirical work on Economic Growth. Evaluation will take place on the basis of a written Exam in the main course and in the form of a written mid term exam, group présentations and participation for the tutorial part.

The first part offers a quite detailed analysis of modern growth theories. The second one will focus on the empirics of economic growth.


Economic growth is at the root of the economic profession. Building on standard growth models, the recent decade has brought forward a large amount of new literature and research about the topic. This course is aimed at building both, a theoretical and an empirical understanding about economic growth. At the same time, it aims at amelioration of presentation and analytical skills.


As described in the PSME guidelines, the final grade will consist out of 50% Lecture exam grade and 50% tutorial grade. Grading for the presentations is carried out accordingly to criteria such as listed e.g. in the Cain Project Evaluation Form, available online. One Grade will be given to all members of a presentation group.


Robert J. Barro and Xavier Sala-i-Martin (2003), "Economic Growth".

Daron Acemoglu (2007),  "Introduction to Modern Economic Growth". 

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Nom economics growth - Economic Growth
Nom abrégé UP1-C-ELP-02U0209-04 - Economic Growth
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