Topic outline

  • General

    This course takes place every two wednesday of the first semester at MSE (Maison des Sciences Economiques), room S19. 

    The teachers are: 

    • Liza Charroin (economics):
    • Alain Guillaume (psychology):

    Objectives of the course: 

    The aim of this class is to help/orientate students with their master thesis and more generally to prepare them to an academic career. The class is divided into two parts.

    We want to present to students the academic system (research system (in particular in France), the career opportunities in the academics, the funding possibilities, etc.) and provide them some methodological tools to write their master thesis (how to make a literature review, write an abstract, an introduction, etc.).

    Additionally, students will present their master thesis project to the classroom. Each student will be grouped with 2 other students (one "expert" and one from another field) and students will have to criticize, advise, etc. each other. Additionally, students will have to provide a CV and a cover letter as if they were applying for a PhD grant. The goal is to help students for their master thesis and to train them in the perspective of a PhD application.


    Students who choose the PhD track for the first semester HAVE TO keep the PhD track for the second semester. Moreover, some sessions of the PhD track course of semester 2 (Frontiers of behavioral economics) will be programmed during the first semester. Please, check your agenda. 

    For the second semester, you CAN choose to also follow the other track course. It is part of the optional courses (Spring class of the other track.). 

    However for the 1st semester, if you attend both courses (PhD track: academic career and Consulting and professional careers), you won't get credits for both classes, but only the one you choose to "officially" follow. 

  • Calendar

    September 22: 

    • Presentation of the course
    • Why doing a PhD + tour de table
    • Methodology on writing your master thesis
    • Your presentation in this class + discussants
    • CV and cover letter methodology

    October 6:

    • Academic system
    • PhD grants

    Presentations session 1 (November 10):  

    • Helena Hauser (discussed by Naila and ??)
    • Clémentine Bouleau (discussed by Lily and ??)
    • Robin Bonnefont (discussed by India and ??)
    • Tristan Dauguet (discussed by ?? and ??)

    Presentations session 2 (November 17):

    • Lily Savey (discussed by Clémentine and ??)
    • India Pinhorn (discussed by Danlin and ??)
    • Thibault Desbordes (discussed by ??)
    • Naila Ebeid (discussed by Helena and ??)

    Presentations session 3 (November 24):  

    • Danlin Li (discussed by India and ??)
    • Simon Toutain (discussed by ??)
    • Romane Poisot (discussed by Naila and ??)
    • ??

    Google sheet for choosing the date of your presentation:

    • PhD positions

      In this section, I will put some PhD position ads found online. 

    • First class - Sept 22 - Methodo and intro

    • Presentations

      You have to upload your presentation slides before . 

      I'll then put your slides on the EPI for other students to see them and prepare questions. 

    • Final version of CV and cover letter

      This is the section where you have to submit your final version of CV and cover letter

      Your CV and cover letter have to be a PDF or a Word (doc or docx) document. You have to submit your CV and your cover letter in two separate documents. Please, put your name in the title of your documents. 

      The deadline is the 4th of December (midnight)

      To submit your CV and cover letter, click bellow on "Submit my CV and cover letter". To get more information on how to submit an online project, you can have a look at the "Mode d'emploi du dépôt en ligne" available below (for non-French speakers, please contact us if you have any questions). 

    • PhD students: contacts

      In this section, you will find a list of PhD students (economists and/or psychologists). The list is quite limited for the moment but should grow. 

      We encourage you to contact one or several of them if you want to know their experience and get some "field data". They will be happy to have a coffee with you :)  

      The list has been updated september 30

    • Forum

      You can chat about whatever you want here!