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CV and cover letter + last session

CV and cover letter + last session

by Charroin Liza -
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Dear PhD track students, 

Here is some additional information for your CV and cover letter

  • You will find attached and on the EPI a document summarizing some general advice to write your CV and cover letter. If you have any questions, you can contact us. 
  • As we already said, you can send us a first version before the 29th of November if you want some feedback before submitting the final version. Please, send you first version by mail (to Alain and me) in PDF or Word. The final version should be uploaded on the EPI, before the 13th of December (if it's submitted later, there will be some penalties). Only the final version is graded. 

We also need to program our last session (1st of December). As we said, it will be used for people who want to present a second time (because they made progress in their project and want some feedback, because they feel they could improve their presentation/grade, etc.). If you are willing to present a second time, please contact us as soon as possible, and before the 26th of November at 4 pm (in order to have some time to organize the session).

Finally, for our next week's presenters, do not forget to send your presentation to your discussants today and upload your slides on the EPI at least a few days before the presentation (you can still modify marginally your presentation afterward). 

Best regards, 

Liza and Alain.